Frequently Asked Questions

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations is an academic simulation in which students take the role of countries and work in groups, debate, and create proposals in an attempt to find solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. Model UN is recognized for the wide variety of skills it helps develop including research, public speaking, leadership, and teamwork. 

How to structure a position paper?

The structure for the Positions Papers are included in the guide of each committee

What is the maximum amount of delegates per delegation?

There is no maximum number of delegates per delegation. AltMUN considers delegations with 10 or fewer members a small delegation and those with more than 10 delegates large delegations. Nevertheless, we encourage that large delegations spread their delegates throughout the wide variety of committees offered in order for participants to experiment teamwork and debate with participants they have not met. 

How many delegates will be on each committee?

The exact number of delegates present in each committee is highly fluid. However, General Assemblies are expected to have between 25 and 40 countries represented and specialized committees are expected to have between 10 and 15 delegates.

When will country allocations be sent?

Country allocations will be sent out in two rounds. The first round will be sent out on May 10th. Any registration after this date will be considered for the second round which will be sent out the first week of June.

What are the rules of procedure?

The rules of procedure can be found on the AltMUN website (see here)

How do I register as an independent delegate?

The official registration form includes an option on the second page to register as a delegate. You can find the official form here


What prizes will be awarded?

Five different types of prizes will be awarded. These are best position paper, verbal commendation, honorable mention, outstanding delegate award, and the best delegate award. We will also award the best small and large delegations. The exact number of prizes awarded will vary depending on the size of the committee. 

What happens if my internet malfunctions?

Committee directors understand that internet malfunctions are a common problem for most students. That’s why briefly leaving the committee will not be penalized. However, it is the responsibility of the delegate to make sure that the chair is informed about their problem, as well as to connect as soon as the problem is fixed. 

When will AltMUN take place?

AltMUN will take place Friday, June the 10thh, and Saturday the 11. The complete schedule can be found here

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us through our social media or send us an email at