UN Women: Legalization of Abortion

Andrea Shiguiyama


Hello, my name is Andrea Shiguiyama and I am 18 years old. A couple of months ago I finished the German Baccalaureate (Abitur) at Colegio Humboldt. Talking a little bit about my own MUN journey, I started debating in 2017 at the Ivy League MUN. Ever since, almost four years ago, I submerged myself in this incredible world of debate that has added so many positive aspects to my life.

Aside from MUN, I am very interested in the global economy and human behavior. I am actually planning to study something that combines both subjects somewhere in Europe. In my free time, I like to design and tailor clothes, watch TV shows on Netflix and also post videos on my YouTube Channel about the Law of Attraction.

I can’t wait to meet you and good luck to all!

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