Crisis Room

While the Crisis room is not a committee it plays an essential role in the debates that occur in multiple committees such as US Senate. Security Council and of course Crisis. Here you will get to know the people behind this year’s Crisis room!

María Fátima Martínez


Hi delegates! My name is María Fátima Martínez, and I’m positively ecstatic to be ALTMUN 2021’s Crisis Room Director. Since I began participating in Specialized Agencies at only 12 years old, I have been able to appreciate vastly how under the table actions can truly shape a committee, as they allow for creativity, detail and logic to be the only brakes to your plans if you dare dream them.

I wish you the best of luck in coming up with all sorts of fascinating schemes that I hope we will be able to pass, as the Crisis Room will serve as a vehicle that may just make your dreams possible. Don’t be afraid to try the most outrageous ideas during this conference, as you may just surprise me and yourselves.

Crisis Room Staff

Laura Calvo

Bartolomeo Rios

Mikaela Tannert

Joanne Sanford